Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lost Palm Tree?

For those northerners that have endured countless snow storms, you must think Floridians are soft complaining about 30 degree weather. Having spent thirty plus years in Chicago, I know your pain. Floridians however, are just in our winter angst this year. The unusually cold weather has taken a toll on our tropical gardens. Some of the plants we've lost cannot be easily replaced.

For example, a 30 foot palm that has been a cornerstone of the garden long before we moved into our home appears damaged to the point of no return. It is a Malaysian coconut palm (cocos nucifera).

It is said that the Malaysian coconut palm first arrived in Florida in the 19th century when a vessel carrying coconuts shipwrecked off of what is now Palm Beach. Some of the coconuts planted themselves and the palm became a symbol of tropical opulence.

While the palm normally thrives in Florida, temperatures below freezing can be lethal. This winter we had at least two days below freezing and several more days in the 35 degree range.

Below are before and after photos of the palm:

November 1, 2009

February 28, 2010

At least the sky is blue!


  1. Your palm looks so sad :( ...It was just too cold this winter...hopefully spring will come soon.

  2. Hello - just wound my way to your blog...greetings from up the road in Stuart. Even though they aren't perfect yet, it seems our coconuts (50+!) may pull through. They are sending up new fronds and pushing that freeze damage out. Hope you are as lucky.


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